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Walk your dog.

Earn points.

Redeem for rewards.

Join our beta. Learn proper petcare and start earning rewards. 

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Our Story

We want you to be the best dog owner possible, and that starts with adequate activity. Our platform incentivizes you to make activity with your dog a fun habit. Let's start with a walk!

Our Vision

We motivate dog lovers to improve their lives and the lives of dogs through incentivized experiences.


Our flexible and innovative cloud-based software provides a rewards based approach to taking care of your dog.  

Who are we

How it works

Walk your dog

 Go on a distanced or timed walk with your dog. Our platform will record the path and challenge you to walk further.

Earn points

Use the app to earn points the longer  you walk. The dashboard keeps track of your points as you remain consistent with activity.  

Redeem for rewards

Redeem points for exclusive rewards from various brand partners. We are all in it to help you be good dog owners.

How it works
Go Premium

Go Premium

Give Back

More Points

VIP Access 

  • 25% of your premium subscription is donated to our dog friendly non-profit partners

  • Double your point totals for walks

  • Accelerate points by completing challenges


  • Get early bird access to new rewards 

Upgrade for

$2.99 / Month   *beta pricing

Partner With Us
Partner With Us

Partner with Good Dog! Let's get your product or service featured in our marketplace. Connect with us below.

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Playa Vista, CA

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