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I have been looking but I did not receive and email for the reward I just redeemed?

Answer: There are two answers here. 1.) If you registered with a Yahoo of Hotmail email address, we do not currently support emails to those servers. We suggest editing your email address in your account or creating a new account with a different email address. We realize this is really annoying. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to fix this.

Why does it seem like some things aren't working how they're suppose to?

Answer: We are working through the kinks. This is a beta product so we are still fine tuning. We are working with our development team to address these issues.. We need your help. Please email with any issues with the platform.  


Why isn't my Facebook and/or Google+ login working?

Answer: Be sure to register and sign in with your email.  This feature will be unlicked with out official launch

Why can't I see all the feaures?

Answer: This could be because you are logging in or registering with our Facebook/ Goggle+ features. Please sign in ans register with an email address. 

What kind of rewards can I get?

Answer: We partner with pet loving brands that appeal to you and your dog.   

For In-App issues, please see FAQs on your account within the app.

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